Just gonna do it

by shelbyisrad

I’ve had this picture as my lock screen all month.
And its really inspired me to just go for it a few times.

I’ve hooped on top of big dirt piles and big yellow escavators
I’ve hooped at the beach
I’ve dived into art journaling
I’ve gotten dirty and covered in mud.
I’ve ran around barefoot all day
I’ve smiled at everyone i make eye contact with.
I went for a ride in a really awesome car with a friend I just met.
I’ve started convos, stayed up late talking, and slept in.
I’ve had 3 cups of coffee in a day when i felt like it.
I’ve laughed obnoxiously (i’ve quit getting embarrassed when I snort while laughing too)

And summer is almost here. I want to keep this up, I want to keep living life in the purest way possible.
I want to make friends, dance in the street at night, I want to taste fun drinks for my birthday.
I want to take pictures of everything. I want to talk to strangers. I want to be me 100% me and not ever apologize for it.
(And i think you should do the same)