To My 14 Year Old Self

by shelbyisrad

I just watched this fantastic episode of a new TV show that I think women really need to watch. I am so excited to hear more from this show. Its called The Conversation and I highly recommend it! But towards the end she asked the women what they would tell their 14 year old self and I started thinking about that question and these are some things I would say:

1. Never ever quit dancing everywhere you go. Keep dancing in the hallways at school, groove when that great song comes on in the grocery store and your car dancing skills are killer. Don’t stop.

2. You are an artist and a writer and a dreamer and those are all amazing things.

3. Even though your Mom left and you didn’t have a dad God will provide those figures in your life about 10 times the amount others have. So its a blessing because you will be a daughter of many women and men who treasure you dearly.

4. Your grandpa is going to die and your grandma is going to get really sick but you will get through it.

5. Even though your brother is a jerk sometimes he really does love you. Always love him unconditionally.

6. Boys are going to break your heart over and over but you will find love one day, just keep searching and keep loving.

7. You will get hips and one day your pants will magically fit and thats something to celebrate.

8. Your 20th birthday will be the hardest and best at the same time.

9. You are going to meet so many beautiful amazing wonderful friends, and Aimee is always going to be by your side. Always let those friends know how much they mean to you.

10. Keep smiling at strangers, because you will make their day.

11. Your silliness and eternal optimism are some of your best traits keep them.

12. You have a magnificent story to tell. You are courageous and brave, share your story with the world.

13. Its all going to work out in the end.

14. Those hips you get make you a dang good hula hooper.