extroverted introvert

by shelbyisrad

or maybe i’m an introverted extrovert?

Well in the personality tests/meyers-briggs stuff I’m right on the line. almost 50/50 when it comes to the extrovert/introvert stuff.(Lots of stuff in my life points to me being split/two people. so weird, I’m a gemini too “twins”) And sometimes I forget about my introverted side. Or I think I forget it but I think sometimes I ignore it.

I’m trying really hard though to LISTEN to my body, and my mind and what it all needs. Because when I listen I swear I’ll know which side I need to tend to.

I will feel a strong desire to be with people, or enjoy time with myself. And sometimes these desires are EXTREME, i literally crave people or I crave curling up in a quiet place. Sometimes when the desired need isn’t met I get really emotional and distressed and upset easily. In other words, I’m really sensitive.

And its taken a while to figure that out, that i’m not just an all the time people person, but that I need solace and some alone time. And that its important to listen to myself and do my best to go with the flow. I can’t be go-go-go all the time (and I cannot be in seclusion all the time)

this afternoon i reveled in the silence of my empty apartment, a much needed break after a hectic sunday morning.

Its a delicate balance that I’m figuring out slowly. Learning myself and what makes me tick is my new adventure.

And its one i’m really enjoying.