Learned {in 21 years}

by shelbyisrad

In just a week I turn 21… which really blows my mind. 21 just sounds so grown up and not me, I still feel like I could be in high school sometimes. It really amazes me, 21 years of life I’ll have lived and in 21 years I have seen so much and done quite a bit and its just wild. This whole growing up thing really amazes me. I thought I’d compile some of the things I’ve learned this year.

1. I can survive the death of someone close to me, my 20th birthday was the sign for me. That I could survive my Grandpa’s death, because birthdays were our thing. He always made me light up when he sang on my birthday and the fact that I had a wonderful twentieth birthday was something that honestly surprised me.

2. Sometimes the hardest decisions cause heart break and hurting people you truly care about but, usually the hardest are the right ones. {and the universe will confirm your decisions if you ask}

3. Singleness isn’t so bad. Loneliness can be healed.

4. Playing is vital to life. When you stop playing you usually stop living.

5. I am an artist, I am a writer, I am creAtive.

6. Embrace fear and jump anyway.

7. Sing off key, dance like crazy, breathe in deep.

8. Yoga is awesome.

9. Internet friendships are the greatest. Especially with beautiful women who love and mentor you.

10. Meeting those internet friends offline is CRAZY awesome. {Hi Heather!}

11. Children are the best mirror because they are so honest.


I started this post Monday morning and my life has changed so drastically since then it has made me really realize how short life is.

Today is my birthday and I am so blessed to be alive and where I am.

So 12. Life is short, live it to the fullest and love hard

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

14. The ocean is a healing place

15. I don’t like wearing clothes

16. True friends are the ones who hug you tightest

17. I do everything ‘a lot’ i was told a few times this week… and I take that as a compliment, I never want to do anything halfway.

18. Family is way more than blood lines.

19. God hears the words in my heart, I don’t need to say them out loud, He knows.

20. Falling out of love is harder than falling in love.

21. I need people in my life who get me, those are the ones to hold on tightest too.