I am most simply a soul navigating a world of other souls in desperate need of love…. I hope this blog is a place for souls to gather hear my story and find inspiration, courage and abundant love.

Month: June, 2012


last weekend was all kinds of good.

here’s a few pics.

(scariest picture i’ve ever taken)

1. Awesome birthday cake. 2. Pretty flames on candles. 3. terrifying picture of the birthday girl and matt 4. campgrounds

5. Kaanchee and Alyssa 6&7. Me and Alyssa

It was fun celebrating our Jessxbug. And I adore Alyssa’s family so much.



Today is the birthday of a very special person. And I am so extremely blessed to be able to call her my best friend. She’s my Jessxbug! And she is one of the most amazing people God put on this earth. And I am thankful for the fact that she’s in my life.

I cannot fathom the past two years of my life without her, because I honestly don’t think I could’ve survived them without her. She made me laugh uncontrollably, she gets me. I’ve never met someone who I so instantly clicked with, we understand each other about the big and small things. She’s also one of the few people who agrees with me on so many of my core values.

She’s an angel in disguise, I’m sure of it. Because I truly believe God sent her to help me through my grandpa’s death, my grandma’s sickness, heartbreak, the stress of school and everything else life has thrown at me the past few years.

I think its hard to describe Jessica in words but a few include: artist, creative, funny, kind, caring, genuine, strong, sincere, brave, cute, best friend, or better yet, sister. I feel lucky to have her, and even luckier to be so welcomed by her family too. I cannot wait to celebrate her this weekend, and for the next years our lives together.

Happy happy birthday Jessica!


(image via Jen Griffin)

Ever since Rain prompted us to blurt the things in our heart I have these moments where the words I want to scream just bubble out of me. They usually make their way into my art journal, or my regular journal but sometimes i need to share them with an audience.

I feel the need to blurt to the world that

  • You’d be crazy not to choose me, chase after me. To pursue me because I am going places. I am living my {one wild and precious} life and I am living it well.
  • That I may seem sweet and nice, and I am sweet and nice, but I have a sass to me like you wouldn’t know. It often comes out in my leopard jeans and highest heels.
  • I think the world would be better if people weren’t so afraid of making a commitment.
  • Rejection doesn’t hurt as much when taking chances is more rewarding anyway. So please take a chance.


you just need to hop on your bike and head out to clear your head.

when i saw a cat a minute into the bike ride i knew it’d be good.

i may have been on my bike, not holding onto the handle bars when taking this picture… (and i love it)

The clouds were something else

Then i reached my favorite spot on campus and took a break

I think this is what i looked like to people walking/driving by ^^ I just laid like that for 10 minutes staring at the sky.

Then i played with the self timer

and started getting attacked by mosquitos, snapped this self portrait and headed out.

(and once my shoes were off they stayed off)