by shelbyisrad

(image via Jen Griffin)

Ever since Rain prompted us to blurt the things in our heart I have these moments where the words I want to scream just bubble out of me. They usually make their way into my art journal, or my regular journal but sometimes i need to share them with an audience.

I feel the need to blurt to the world that

  • You’d be crazy not to choose me, chase after me. To pursue me because I am going places. I am living my {one wild and precious} life and I am living it well.
  • That I may seem sweet and nice, and I am sweet and nice, but I have a sass to me like you wouldn’t know. It often comes out in my leopard jeans and highest heels.
  • I think the world would be better if people weren’t so afraid of making a commitment.
  • Rejection doesn’t hurt as much when taking chances is more rewarding anyway. So please take a chance.