by shelbyisrad

Today is the birthday of a very special person. And I am so extremely blessed to be able to call her my best friend. She’s my Jessxbug! And she is one of the most amazing people God put on this earth. And I am thankful for the fact that she’s in my life.

I cannot fathom the past two years of my life without her, because I honestly don’t think I could’ve survived them without her. She made me laugh uncontrollably, she gets me. I’ve never met someone who I so instantly clicked with, we understand each other about the big and small things. She’s also one of the few people who agrees with me on so many of my core values.

She’s an angel in disguise, I’m sure of it. Because I truly believe God sent her to help me through my grandpa’s death, my grandma’s sickness, heartbreak, the stress of school and everything else life has thrown at me the past few years.

I think its hard to describe Jessica in words but a few include: artist, creative, funny, kind, caring, genuine, strong, sincere, brave, cute, best friend, or better yet, sister. I feel lucky to have her, and even luckier to be so welcomed by her family too. I cannot wait to celebrate her this weekend, and for the next years our lives together.

Happy happy birthday Jessica!