by shelbyisrad

Dear Summer (the season), Even though you’ve been REALLY REALLY hot and full of school work this year I’d be content to spend forever with you.

Dear Alyssa, Thank you for being such a great roommate. I’m so glad we’ve bonded the past few months. I can tell you any and everything, you make me laugh a lot and you take pictures of me hula hooping and post them even when I look mad awkward. and I love you for that.

Dear Room, I’ll clean you eventually, maybe tomorrow… we’ll see.

Dear Internet, thanks for keeping me entertained when I don’t have anything going on in my life. (special shout out to tumblr and my bloglovin’ feed).

Dear New Cute Skirt, I cannot wait to wear you tomorrow. We’re gonna be awesome together.

Dear Bunheads, Thanks for slightly filling the part of me that misses new episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Dear Internet/Blogging Friends, Thanks for making me smile, inspiring me to no end, sharing your beautiful lives and reading this.


Shelby (who likes to call herself Rad)

because of this blog.