by shelbyisrad

Lately I’ve been cheering on the olympians. And eating extra cookies for them since they can’t.

I’ve been reading and embracing alone time.


I’ve been drinking coffee and pausing a third book to start this one. Because two friends told me it’s their favorite of all time

I’ve been hanging out with alyssa, and joined her on a shopping trip to find a cute top


I’ve spent a lot of time in just my underwear, at first because I was alone in the apartment. now it’s because I’m sunburnt and feel like I am going to catch on fire every time I put clothes on.

Lately I’ve had a pajama day (pre-sunburn) and a beach day. It was awesome


I’ve been addicted to THIS blog, especially the recapping of Fifty Shades of Grey. Lorraine is the greatest.

I’ve hung out with Daniel (taught him to hoop, score!) and today I’m going home for a night or two. Because Southport is calling.