If she would listen…

by shelbyisrad

[Art Journaler Prompt]

If she would listen, I would tell her

That she is beautiful, even when she doesn’t see it, ESPECIALLY when she doesn’t see it. She is absolutely gorgeous and all kinds of lovely. But that isn’t the best thing about her.

She’s funny and silly and has a good laugh. The first time I met her i felt instantly loved.

She’s smart, incredibly smart, and talking to her is pure joy.

She is kind, her heart is so full and loving and her sweetness just radiates.

Her smile is lovely and inviting, and there are so many people who love her.

If she’d listen I’d tell her no boy will make her feel complete, nothing outside of the beautiful, strong woman she is inside will complete her. Seeking out the divine and embracing all the intricate workings of her soul will complete her.

I’d tell her when she does find a boy to fall in love with, he better make her laugh, treat her like the goddess she is. And if he doesn’t she needs to run the other way.

I’d tell her that I pray for her daily and hope that she one day sees the beauty I see in her.

Ashton, you aren’t expecting this but this is for you my dear friend. Because I see you, I see your exquisitely beautiful soul and I see the insecurities you are wrestling with. And if you’re listening I want to tell you, you’re enough. Just how you are, perfectly enough.

And the same goes for every other woman and girl who reads this.

You’re enough.