by shelbyisrad

Dear Sundays, You are always so good to me, full of friends, lifepoint, and naps. Also postsecret.com.

Dear Hope, I am super excited about planning your big day, wearing a purple dress, and seeing you embark on the next big adventure in your life. I love your beautiful heart and I’m so glad for that one thursday night when you offered me a ride home.

Dear blue-tipped hair, thanks for making me feel like a mermaid. and being all different of shades and just making me feel awesome even on bad hair days.

Dear Monday, I thought you were going to be a disappointment. I really enjoyed being wrong.

Dear Instagram, i love the constant visual inspiration you provide me. I love through you I’ve made friends with lovely people. (shelbyisrad is my username as always)

Dear Pajamas, I enjoyed spending all of tuesday with you. Pajama days are the best days.

Dear Beach Day, You were awesome and perfect. Good company, perfect temperature, waves, and a good book. I did swallow a lot of salt water and ended up with a burn but the good outweighed both of those. (I even liked you more than pajama day but don’t tell them that)

Dear Southport, Man I missed you, entirely too much. I love your cheap movie theatre and buttery popcorn, your perfect waterfront, and that comfortable feeling of coming back home again.



Shelby (who is sunburnt but home and happy)

p.s. because i love this blog.