by shelbyisrad

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering at church. (was there sunday-weds)

I’ve been hooping at least 30 mins every day of August, sometimes even more. those are the best.

I had a movie night with Alex and ate entirely too many cookies

I’ve been art journaling, watching the olympics, and napping.

I had my first glass of wine with Grandma, didn’t finish either glass.

I’ve been blogging quite often and finding out new things about myself.

I’ve spent time with Lilly and Holly, downtown adventures, and fort building/movie watching

I hooped in front of a hundred or so people while waiting for fireworks to begin.

I jumped in the ocean fully dressed at night, played tag, nearly lost my glasses, and felt more at peace than I ever have in the water. 

I took a shower (still fully dressed) with Lilly and tried out all the showers at CB.

I got asked to hoop by a car full of people and they played awesome bluegrass music that made me laugh a lot.

I watched Juno, (forgot how much I loved that movie) and talked about life with Daniel.