More Letters

by shelbyisrad

Dear Thursday, You were seriously probably in the top 3 best nights of summer. The beach, hooping, swimming, movie watching, and long talk. It was good, you were good.

Grandma Dear, I cannot stop thinking about how much I love you. How thankful I am you stepped in and changed the course of my life. And how happy I am that you gave so much of yourself for me. You are without a doubt the most incredible, inspiring and incredible woman I know.

Dear Hope, YOU’RE OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Meggybby and Aimee, I love both of you so dang much I just can’t even handle it. It’s also been toooo long since I’ve seen either of you and that makes my heart sad.

Dear Alex Clare, your CD, The Lateness of The Hour is so good. I cannot stop listening.

Dear Daniel, I’m glad you came to Wilmington and that I can talk to you so easily. And that we have the same taste in movies and music, cause not many people would struggle picking between Juno and Despicable Me like we did.

Dear Lifepoint Church, seriously you blow me away with how you serve Wilmington, and the fact that I get to join you in serving the world and loving on people is a true honor. After being hurt by the local church so many times I am so glad 2+ years ago I gave it one more shot. Thank you for loving Jesus.

Dear Holly and Lilly, I loved every minute spent with you gorgeous dolls this week. Cannot wait for the next sleepover! Come back soon Lilly. Holly, you and I are gonna have to keep hanging out so we don’t miss her too much.

Dearest Mandy, you made me feel so loved and made my heart nearly burst with your fantastic mail.


Shelby (who hearts hooping)