by shelbyisrad

(^Pics by Kaanchee)

Lately I’ve been trying to soak up summer before classes take over. All of these are from a trip to Carolina Beach with Alyssa, Kaanchee and their Mom. Something about being with them always makes me happy. They’re such a sweet family they’re just comfortable with each other and it’s fun to be around.

(Chaotic Beauty Photography)

Monday I spent the day with Heather and her sweet children. It’s always a treat to spend time with Heather, because she sees me and she gets me. These are a few pictures she took of me and she made me feel so loved and special with her photography and sweet words. The best thing about these is I have zero make up and had done nothing to my hair. These are completely me and I am so thankful she captured me so perfectly.

Lately I’ve come to terms with some things and mourned losses I didn’t even realize I hadn’t fully grieved yet and since letting myself feel all those emotions I have felt more and more free. I am slowly and surely tearing down the walls that I had spent my life building. I am kicking them down and dancing freely, my hands may get worn and calloused but the freedom and exposing of who I truly am is worth the work.