Life and such

by shelbyisrad

When life gets busy I always seem to let my favorite things go to the side, this blog, art journaling, and hooping mainly.

Life is busy, well SCHOOL is busy and currently school is my life. So there’s that.

I am loving my classes though, I already feel like I am growing so much in them.

Another part of life that’s been brought up a lot lately is my love life, or lack of one really.

Everyone and their dad are concerned about the fact that I’m single.

You guys, I am really okay with being single. Don’t get me wrong, I am on the look out. I’d like to be in a relationship.

But really. I’m just fine. I don’t need a male to make me happy. {And I know my standards are really high}

In other news, it’s September, and everyone is all excited about fall. And I’m not very excited, I’m kinda sitting here wanting to scream at the world to SLOW THE HECK DOWN ALREADY. Life is just moving so fast it seems. I mean halloween candy in Walmart already? Can we all just breathe in summer a little bit first?

I know, soon, I’ll be immersed into fall, rocking my scarves and enjoying the warm coffee. But for now I am not super excited about Summer coming to and end. and I’m going to be stubborn about it.

Some Goals for the month of September:

Stay on top of homework
Reading at least one book for fun

Get into the fall spirit

Blog more often

Make art journaling and hooping priorities.

Enjoy my friendships.