I want to remember.

by shelbyisrad

I want to remember sleeping 5 nights in a row on a cushion in the living room floor while Jess slept on the couch. The first few nights for her comfort, the last few for mine.

I want to remember sitting in the grass, basking in the sun listening to music and the new friend who struck up conversation and later told me I was a really neat and interesting person.

I want to remember being so tired, but still excited and fulfilled because I love everything I’m doing and involved in.

I want to remember being piled in Jess’s bed with all the roommates laughing and being silly and trying not to spill our drinks. And then laying at the foot of the bed while they watched a scary movie I didn’t want to see again but wanted to be near them.

I want to remember walking to class and those quiet moments on campus when no one else is really around. How Chancellor’s walk is really the best when it’s empty. And the funny and weird conversations you can over hear when it’s full.

I want to remember eating froyo for dinner, oatmeal every morning for breakfast, and lots of coffee.

I want to remember the sadness of missing people I love or once loved and the joy of the time I had them.

I want to remember my blue tipped hair that has sparked so many conversations, and made me feel more like myself then anything ever really has. the hooping and freedom I feel doing it. Calling myself an artist and a writer and believing in big dreams.

I want to remember being 21 and having my hands wide open to release the fears and worries, and embrace all the possibility.

(This post inspired by a favorite blogger remembering precious things about a special time in life.)