I dream of you.

by shelbyisrad

I dream of the day I find you or realize that you have been right in front of me all along.

I dream of holding hands even when my palms are sweaty in the summer, and slipping my hand into your pockets when its cold. I hope you won’t mind when I kick off my shoes and wiggle my toes under your legs. Or when I place my clammy hands at your neck or under your shirt so I can be comforted by your warmth.

I want to have picnics in sunny fields or beneath big trees that cast magnificent shadows. I want to take pictures of us being together and folding into each other. To savor those moments frozen in time. I want to finally see a sunrise on the beach with steaming mugs of coffee, wearing your sweater and tucking myself into your arms.

I want to read to you and listen to you read. I want to go on adventures together in the pages of a book, getting lost in worlds we can never go to in this lifetime. I want to fall asleep with my head in your lap as you tell me the stories of your life. I want to share my writing and watch you read my words while butterflies dance in my stomach hoping you’ll like it.

I dream of adventures big and small, of finally releasing my heart to another human again. I dream of the feeling of falling and not caring if I’m even caught, but knowing you’ll catch me. I dream of the long silences of understanding and comfort. I dream of helping you pursue your dreams, and cheering you on and being wildly proud of you. I dream of getting lost in the sounds of your laughter, of learning to let you be your most authentic self, and your acceptance of me exactly as I am.

I dream of you, whoever you are.