Bits and pieces

by shelbyisrad

Remember when I used to actually blog semi-regularly?
yeah me too.

no promises thats going to happen again but my sweet friend Erica has a linky party to notice the beauty in our lives. here are 5 bits and pieces of beauty and goodness in my week.


1. Seeing my wonderful Campbell family, hugging my darling Reagan tight and catching up on life.
2. New acrylic paints and playing with words for 2013


3. Time spent with Daniel, and how he encourages me (even when he may not realize he is).


4. This stamp i’ve been admiring for a while because is anything more fitting?


5. Having classes with my best friend. The way she makes my life better.


I could go on and on about all the goodness in my life. But those words seem to want to linger in me awhile and I’m okay with that. This next month holds a lot of business and school work {that I’m actually excited about}. I feel full and hyper-aware of everything around me. This little artist’s heart of mine is beating fast with anticipation and desires for what’s next.