New Year, New Word.

by shelbyisrad


2013 Swept in and found me amidst beautiful friends, who have made this past month much better than I would’ve expected. The winter months are difficult for me because I can slip into depression easily. If it weren’t for my journaling, dear friends (online and offline) and spending time in the word daily. I don’t think I would’ve done so well.

With the new year i have chosen a new word, while many words had been floating in my head my fairy god mother spoke one that left me breathless, and really encompassed everything I desired for the year. That magical word is Daring, and i’ve decided each month to dare myself to do things that grow me, inspire me, challenge, me and most importantly provide opportunities for self care and building relationships.

I’m hoping to do a monthly theme for my dares, and with January I am Daring to be free.

I dare to let go of expectations and feeling ‘behind’ in relational aspects.

I dare to embrace the hoop and embrace yoga. {and perhaps record a video of my hooping}

I dare to treasure friendships that help me grow as a person.

I dare to write 4 poems this month, and share them if I decide I want to.

I dare to take steps towards healthier eating.