I miss this space

by shelbyisrad


I miss you little blog and I miss writing.

Today was one of those days I’m amazed I survived, but then not really surprised because I’m pretty good at surviving the craziness by now. I definitely did not get worked up about making it through,  but just woke up and did what needed to be done. Progress,  or as my fairy godmother says #babysteps

It is cold out, which is to be expected in January, but I’m not a fan of it and I will continue to cast steely eyes at my weather app until the high temps are actually high again.

I got two emails today basically rewarding amd acknowledging my success for last semester and that felt good.

Sometimes I think I should blog about my love life, but then I think mmmm better not.  (If someone wants to gift me Pitch Perfect I’d be eternally devoted to them)

This post makes no sense but such is my life.

P.s. I realized I may be really crazy for this, but I really don’t like hot fudge on ice cream.