The Unreality of Us // A poem

by shelbyisrad

The Unreality of Us

That sound, is the racing of my heartbeat anytime you enter a room.
My cheeks flush because I am sure the everyone can feel
Every nerve in me is suddenly charged
A bolt of energy rushing through, my world is electrified.

I gravitate towards you, the sun I feel pulled to orbit around.
When you sit near I move automatically,
My body aches to shape itself against yours.
My mind has no say, it is my heart directing the course and it always leads to you.

No one. No other person has ever affected me so profoundly,
I have never been willing to cling to a love, I’m not even sure was real.
But I know it was true.
And that is the unreality of us:

How this love manifests itself, in the pull of your gravity.
In my fear of expressing how deeply I miss you.
And in the inexplicable way I continually place my heart in your hands,
Even after you’ve given it back