You are divine

by shelbyisrad

Last week I poured myself into a post that earned me the most views i’ve ever had, but more importantly an outpouring of love and support from lovely lovely people. I was honored to have several people message me privately telling me their own stories, thanking me for sharing mine and giving them the courage to one day speak out too.I was overwhelmed and continue to be every time I think about it. There is still such a burning desire in my heart to continue speaking out and sharing my story. But I’m still deciding how I want to do that. So mostly this post is just a thank you and a bit of encouragement

I adore you, every single one of you who read that post and shared it with someone.

I want to hug you all and especially you dear ones who experienced something similar in your own life, or have ever experienced being hurt by someone who was supposed to care for you.
I just want to tell you all how worthy of love you are.
That your past does not define you, the words spoken over you by careless hate-filled people do not define you.

Your mistakes and the things people have done to you, my dear they do not define you.

You are a divine creature made of stardust and love.
You have the ability within you already to do anything you dream or desire.
You are wonderful and awe-inspiring and I long for you to know, that no person who has violated you with words or actions has to have control over you.
You can break those chains to them, you can overcome.
And my dear one it is hard, oh it is so hard but I see you. I see your strength and courage.
I see you marching to the beat of your wildly beautiful heart and I believe it.
I believe you can and will overcome.

Its a journey dear ones, but its a beautiful journey and you have all toy need within you to accomplish everything you need to.

So journey on you divine creatures. ❤ xoxo