My heart’s cry.

by shelbyisrad

Oh my sweet friend.


And you are so so so worth loving.

And a man’s love is not the determining of your worth

but my sweet one you deserve a man who loves you so much and so truly that you see God through his love.

You deserve a love so big and wild that you don’t doubt God has created this love just for the two of you.

My dear girl you are beauty and grace and love all wrapped up in an incredible human being and the man who calls you his own should know that, should tell you that, and tell the world that.

You are worthy of amazing God-filled love and my heart cries out for that for you.

And  my heart cries out for you to know that God loves you that way and that YOU should love yourself that way because you are a fiercely wonderful creation.

I love you sweet friend, please please know that you are worthy.