There is Magic

by shelbyisrad


There is magic in knowing someone for years and still learning new things about them that make you like them even more.

There is magic in talking about our childhoods with my grandma, in shedding tears for the hurt we’ve both faced, and in the realization we are both more loving kind people because of those hurts.

There is magic in the rain drops that are cool against hot skin while walking back from class.


There is magic in the love of a dog who thinks you’re the greatest human in the world.

There is magic in the renewal of spring every year. In the cherry blossom trees, in the pruned rose bushes, in digging your toes into the earth.

There is magic in words shared between kindreds {even on facebook groups} and dreaming of being with those people someday.


There is magic in writing the story of a friendship.

There is magic in a calendar full of good things celebrating life and love.

There is magic in sleeping in for the first time in weeks.

There is magic in the finishing up of a semester, busting tail to get it all done and the anticipation for summer.