May challenge/ My story in 250 words or less

by shelbyisrad

So I intended to do this yesterday because yesterday was the first day of May, and the may challenge is to write every day in may but I was working on school stuff all day until I wasn’t, and then I spent time with two of my favorite people in the world and that was more important than a blog post. Miss Jenni over at Story of My Life posed the May Challenge to blog everyday in May with 31 pretty great prompts and I wanted to join.

I’m starting a day later, but still doing the first prompt, but I didn’t really tell my life story, just told a bit about me in exactly 250 words cause it’s my blog, I do want I want, and the first rule is there aren’t really any rules. That’s my favorite rule. So here is a bit about me in 250 words:

I’m almost 22 years old, from southeastern North Carolina. I’ve lived on the coast my entire life but cannot swim and I don’t like seafood. I do adore the beach though. When I’m not at school I live with my Grandma dear who is the greatest person I know. I have 3 siblings, but haven’t seen my younger two in 12 years and it breaks my heart daily. I never knew my dad, and my mom is in and out of my life on her own accord.

But I am happy, I have a beautiful life and I’ve been blessed beyond measure. I have countless ‘family’ who aren’t blood related and amazing friends. I love Jesus, coffee, cats, and hooping. I’m a writer, and long to tell my story and other’s stories too. I have a deep love for narrative and story — how stories are told and how that shapes us as humans.  I’m a communication studies major at UNCW mostly because I really love it. I’m a huge advocate of self-love, and promoting high self-esteem. I believe all people are beautiful and need to know it. I think the world would be a greater place if we all were just a little bit kinder. I have a huge heart and I’m very compassionate. I believe the pain I experienced as a child enables me to see other’s hurt and know them deeply. But I have learned to use it to love even deeper — and that is my best trait.