Things that make me uncomfortable

by shelbyisrad

May Challenge Day 3! Linking up with Jenni

At first I was having trouble coming up with things that make me uncomfortable, but then I started writing a list and well it got easier and easier to think of things. Hah. I narrowed it down to just a few things:

1. Loud mouth breathers in creative writing classes while we’re taking reading quizzes.

That’s really specific, but I had to hear this person every single week. And it drove me crazy, and was so distracting and I just wanted him to stop.

2. When I know someone for a long time, and go to introduce them to someone else and suddenly forget their names. It’s awkward and scares me a little how easily I forget things.

3. People who employ stereotypes on people they don’t know, ESPECIALLY when people say “He must be gay” over anything a guy does that is not ‘manly.’ It doesn’t make me uncomfortable as much as it PISSES ME OFF. Just because a guy sings high, or dresses nice, or whatever else you think automatically makes someone gay DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE. To use my favorite communication studies phrase: “correlation does not equal causation.” Also you’re employing gender stereotypes and rigid gender roles that TRAP people and make them uncomfortable with being themselves and IT’S NOT OKAY. It doesn’t just apply towards assumptions made about guys either. Stop trying to place people in your rigid boxes, and use that brain of yours to expand your realities and acceptance. Just freaking use your brain.

-that escalated quickly-