by shelbyisrad


When things are hard {like I spoke about in my last post} I must seek out things that encourage healing.

I’ve discovered some go-to’s over the years that get my heart going again. These work for me, because they provide me with the grace and space I need to accept the things that come. They are balms to my heart:

1. Write it out — it’s always amazing this huge release I feel when I hit ‘publish’ on a blog post that is baring my soul, or hit send leaving a post in my sacred space with the tribe of ladies I go to when I need to spill my words that aren’t for all the internet world to know. Also filling pages of my journal, {though I’ve learned that sometimes I need to talk about it beyond my personal journal too}

2. Hit the beach — or get outdoors. Something of that sort, but the beach holds the most magic for me. Especially at night {or as i discovered this week at 5:30 AM works too}. Getting closer to nature always provides a nice distraction, and the beach especially produces insta-feel good feelings in me. The sand, the crashing waves, the endless space, it just does.

3. Iced coffee — with cream and sugar. Especially when its from Dunkin Donuts and those sugar grains haven’t dissolved yet so its a little gritty and ridiculously sweet. holyfreakincrap. YUM.

4. Soul friends — I am seriously lucky to have some of the most incredible friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. {I even have amazing friends online AND offline, how did I get to be so lucky?}. My tribe of’online-women are the ones I can bleed my heart out too without expecting anything in return but their acceptance and love and it’s pure magic. My offline friends are stinkin incredible too.

5. Dance and Create — Crank up some jams and have a mini dance party. Even if its just a dance party of one it does some magic. Also busting out my hula hoop {which i haven’t done in WAY too long} and/or digging into my art journal and getting down and dirty with some paint and glue and secret messages. It’s wonderful and often the thing i neglect for far too long.

6. Silence — sometimes I just need to find a quiet spot and cry my eyes out or just sit and think on everything going on.

7. {and most important} Acceptance — allowing and giving myself complete and total acceptance to feel what I need to feel, say what I need to say, and do what I need to do. To create the boundaries I need, and to remember it is 100% okay for me to put myself first and take care of me.