It is good

by shelbyisrad


This post is going to be vague, but I realized my last two posts have been about death, and many of the others heavy with my aches and pain.

And I needed to tell you {whoever you are reading} that I’m good. I am truly joyful right now, even in the midst of these sad days.

Because good things are happening, things that make me smile REALLY big all the time seemingly for no reason.

And I keep thinking about how death is an important part of nature, the cycle of things, and in order for new life to be created there must be death. Forests burn so new growth can happen, flowers fade so new blooms form. We must allow parts of ourselves to die in order to find newness.

I’m excited for the new in my life, even though it looks similar to things from the past, its new and different with a touch of the comfortable familiar, and its good.

{PLUS my birthday is a week away, and I’m gonna wear my flower crown to dinner the night of my birthday, and a sparkly dress at my party that friday and I’m going to wallow in the outpouring of love I’ll receive. I love birthdays, especially my own. I just love a reason to be loud and silly and spend time with people I adore}