I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin 22!

by shelbyisrad


I’m surprised that I am having a hard time finding the words to write today. My 22nd birthday!

I have typed and erased a lot of words at this point.

Honestly? When I was a kid 22 didn’t ever sound like it’d be a reality, I never thought I’d escape the hell I lived in.

Even when I was a teen and in a better place, 22… it just didn’t seem possible.

But here I am, 22 turns around the sun, nearly finished with a bachelor’s degree, figuring out the next steps in my life.
Really truly learning to be 100% myself, and love myself exactly as I am.

21 was a year of growth for me. I learned a lot — but the most important lesson I learned was to be true to myself and never apologize for it. I rocked blue tipped hair for half of the past year and fully embraced my quirkiness. I met new incredible people, I lost people, and I moved into different relationships with people I’ve known a while. I shared my story here on the blog and was blessed to hear many stories from others who faced similar things. I connected with more friends online, which is really the greatest. I took countless pictures. I stepped into some big leadership roles, I rocked my senior year of college (what up super senior?). I loved big, laughed a lot and shed many tears too.

Overall 21 was good, I definitely experienced some growing pains— but that comes with chasing down and figuring out your dreams (which I’m still doing).

Here’s to 22, to dreaming bigger dreams, laughing endlessly, loving more, being young, carefree and dancing wildly.

And a thank you, to every person who reads this blog, and to those who never will, but have all touched my life and made my world a more beautiful place.