On friendship

by shelbyisrad


Sometimes, you’re in the middle of a time where you feel kinda miserable and alone. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever have an extremely close friend again, maybe you’re wondering if you’re even capable of being close to someone in ‘real life’ anymore. You are in the midst of a dating relationship you’re searching for the bravery to end, your summer isn’t what you expected, you’re trying to figure out what’s next in life and then suddenly there she is. She’s been near for a while but suddenly God nudges and you both click and you are wrapped up in this answer to prayer.


A friend who sees you, loves you, and knows you better than you know yourself. You can look at each other and have a conversation without ever saying a word, and you can spend hours laying in the same room, or riding around in the car talking endlessly about everything. Life, love, your fears, your regrets and your dreams. In a matter of two months you’re finishing each others’ sentences, you have inside jokes, and your own string of lingo. You see each other almost every day and miss each other when you’re apart at all. You still leap into each others arms with huge hugs when you’re together again. You have automatic routines when you’re in the car. It’s all kind of miraculous.


This is exactly what happened to me this summer, I was slipping into a depression, hating so much that was and wasn’t happening in my life. I was praying for something, anything that would help. Little did I know Melissa was praying for a friend at the same time. And though we’d been close, even pretty good friends, neither one of us imagined that God would brings us together so quickly. In exactly the time when we needed it. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I treasure her for a million reasons, she is the most kind and encouraging person I know. But she’s not afraid to call me on my crap, she tells me when to be careful and she is honest with me.


I know without a doubt how much she loves me, we mutually invest in each other and in our relationship. We carve out time to spend together and make each other a priority. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to have a friend that cares just as much for me as I do for her. and its not that my other friends don’t care for me, I don’t mean that at all, but with Melissa we both are able to mutually care for each other through all the good and the bad. I know if I’m down, she’ll support me, and when she’s down i’m right there for her. I don’t ever feel like I have to be anything but myself around her.

We both are still kinda dumbfounded and know that this friendship, is totally, 100% something God knit together and I am so eternally thankful for it. I don’t know how I could’ve thrived these past couple of months without Melissa’s love and support or without being able to provide her support. I think thats what gets me about it, I gain so much from being able to be there for her, not simply how she’s been there for me. I wouldn’t trade this girl for the world. I’ve often heard you’re the average of the people you surround yourself with and being close to Melissa has made me an infinitely more loving and kind person. She makes me fearless and brave.