A promise to Melissa

Dearest Melissa,


I wear the title of your best friend as the highest honor.

I plan to share the rest of my life with you, because you have given me the privilege of letting me in. I know how hard it is for you to open your heart to people. And I consider it a gift to to call you my very best friend.

I vow to always be near to share your joy and your pain. If i cannot physically be at your side I am always a text or call away. As your best friend I will carry your burdens with you. I will hold the aches that hurt too much. I will never cease picking you up when you have fallen. But hopefully I can always catch you before you hit the ground. I will sit with you in the waiting, in the fear. In all of the hard things I am your person.


When it comes to love, chasing dreams, and living life, I will calculate the risks with you and promise to always encourage you to leap. I will support you in your flight. I will screen every man who wants to woo you. And when you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with I will love him almost as much as I love you. When you have children I will be their crazy aunt Shelby and I will teach them how perfect and beautiful they are, exactly as they are.

You are my best friend, I will rejoice in every good and beautiful moment with you. I will always remind you that you are loved deeply, perfect in your flaws and imperfections and that you will achieve greatness. I will always remind you that your beauty transcends comprehension because you are made in the image of God. I will always laugh loudly with you, dance in the car, and be up for every adventure.


And while I know I am human, I will make mistakes, God forbid I may someday cause you pain. I promise to always make up. No fight will ever get in our way. I promise that our friendship is bigger than anything the world could throw at us. You are my sassy, classy, bad ass partner in crime.

I am here for you.

Always and forever,

Forever and always.