I am most simply a soul navigating a world of other souls in desperate need of love…. I hope this blog is a place for souls to gather hear my story and find inspiration, courage and abundant love.

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A small piece of advice:


I don’t give out a lot of advice unless asked but i’m going to put on my wise smile and offer you some unsolicited advice.

Fall in love with the world.

Because its a game changer and when you fall in love with the world, the world will love you back.

So fall in love with the shaggy haired guy sitting on a bench reading a Dan Brown book, oblivious to the world around him.

Fall in love with the pair of girls sitting cross-legged underneath a tree studying for a biology test.

Fall in love with the bee that buzzes near your ear and lands beside you. Let it sit there calmly observing you.

Fall in love with the tall man in the perfect wide-brimmed hat riding his bike lazily, smiling at everything around him.

Fall in love with the laughter of strangers, with the couple who lean into each other as they walk.

Fall in love with the boy who smiles widely and reaches out to touch the leaves of the rose bushes. Let the way he brushes his fingers along the petals take your breath away because you’ve done the same thing so many times before.

Fall in love with the ocean, again and again. With the way it always changes and yet is always the same.

Fall in love with the crunch of leaves under your feet in the familiar paths you take.

Fall in love over and over again, because I am quite certain it makes you a better human. ❤


Loneliness and Throwing Away the Vodka Bottle


Maybe it’s just me, but fall feels like the loneliest season. Actually that sounds so damn cliche, I know it’s not just me. Fall is the season of pumpkin patches, cozy flannels, and warming your hands around a coffee cup. And man if it doesn’t feel so much better holding hands with a cute boy through the pumpkin patch, snagging his flannel to get cozy in and sipping coffee together. Together, that what it is… fall calls for togetherness and sometimes you’re just sitting by yourself, wearing your favorite old sweater, sipping your coffee alone and sighing at the pictures of the cute couples in the dang pumpkin patch on instagram. And it’s just really, really lonely.

But there’s something different about my loneliness this year. Maybe because it feels like I chose this loneliness. I could be in a relationship if I really wanted to. I could’ve stayed in that routine I was in, of not feeling 100% happy with my life, but hey at least I had someone to hold my hand. I could’ve picked up a new routine with a new boy since deciding to step away from the last one. I’ve had offers, I’ve been taken out to dinner. I’ve put on a pretty skirt to go out with the nice guy to a lovely dinner and I still have felt loneliness. And I think feeling lonely in a relationship is even worse than just being lonely on the couch by myself.

So maybe this part of my life isn’t a lesson on loneliness, but learning to love loneliness (or at least be okay with it and stop giving loneliness the death glare). Maybe this is a lesson on learning to enjoy being myself alone, not defined by my relationship to another person. Or maybe it’s just a lesson to hide their posts in your newsfeed, get rid of that bottle of vodka (or whatever you’re still holding on to) he gave you as a gift that makes you sigh every time you see it in the freezer, to put on your favorite dress and go love the world and all its perfect loneliness.


Rambling, Thrashing, Blurting.


You see, I like being able to sit in silence with someone and not feel the need to talk constantly. I enjoy being able to sit in the passenger seat and day dream out the window while someone I care about drives, I love it when I don’t need to fill the space with useless words but can just smile to myself and get lost in my thoughts. I find comfort in silence —especially silence shared with a good friend.

I adore seeing an elderly couple holding hands, newlyweds sharing their first kiss as husband and wife, or teenagers falling hopelessly in love in that crazy way you can when you’re young.

I don’t believe in perfection, or staying with something old just because it happened. Because i think a special kind of magic comes when the imperfections align to create something perfectly flawed, profoundly new and wonderfully wrong in all the right ways.

I believe in secret messages whispered and written between kindred spirits who know you better than you know yourself. I see magic in the ordinary and the mundane. I see it in new experiences, and trying things because it’s hard and you may fail. I see it in the darkness and the way it melts away with light. I see magic in the cycles of life, nature, and the moon. I see magic in the divinity of God and the miracles that come with faith —especially messy faith.

An Act of Love

“Love is not a feeling, but a conscious choice. Every time you ask me if I want a cup of coffee — that is an act of love.” -Grandma Dear